Local Clinical Ethics Committee at the University Hospital of Aalborg, Denmark

At the University Hospital of Aalborg we have had a local clinical ethics committee since spring of 2008. The purpose is among others to give the staff at the hospital the possibility to make an ethical reflexion of their clinical practice. You are welcome to contact the committee at the address or telephone number. We will contact you as soon as possible:


(+ 45) 99 32 27 24
(+45) 22 70 07 85

The members of the committee are (01/03/2013):

Chairman Dorte Elise Møller Holdgaard, RN., exam.art., SD., MPA.
Vice-president Birthe Thørring, doctor.

Agnete Hjermitslev, RN., anaesthesia.
Anne Marie Brogaard Aeppli, RN., intensive area.
Ellen Balle Christensen, chaplain.
Jytte Kjærgaard Boll, RN., teaching.
Heine Svarre, consultant.
Monica Hannibal, midwife.
Vivi Søe Olsen, assistant nurse.

The committee participates also in the Danish Network for clinical ethics committees (DASKET). The purposes for the network is to discus, support and develop the different perspectives of the work with clinical ethics in the Danish Healthcare System. You can read more about the Danish Network here:


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  • 26. februar 2013